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Be informed - make your decisions and form your opinions for the community based on facts.

About Us


What is Preserve Crestline?

This is a community-based action site focused on helping clarify the issues and FACTS regarding community issues of the greater Crestline Area.  Currently the primary issue is the proposed INCORPORATION of LAKE GREGORY - AKA Cedarpines Park, Crestline, Valley of the Moon, Valley of Enchantment, San Moritz, Twin Peaks and more.


What Can You Do?

Are you passionate about learning more about incorporating these communities as currently proposed?   What are your questions?  What are your concerns? The purpose of this site is to seek and provide information and facts in the face of misinformation (or the lack of information) offered by the proponents of incorporation.

Contact us and get on the email list for updates about information on  San Bernardino County's Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) - which manages formal incorporation applications; and the process under law and the status of the Incorporate Lake Gregory committee's process as it exists day to day.


Thank You

Whether you help through volunteering your time in doing research, gathering info, or spreading informative messages through word-of-mouth, THANK YOU! The goal of educating the community,  correcting misleading  and/or inaccurate information, and making those leading the charge for incorporation accountable for their words and actions won't be accomplished without the help of willing citizens like you.

Send a note through the contact us page if you would like to get more involved.