STATUS of Incorporation Process


What is happening?

July 16th - ILGC held a community meeting at San Moritz Lodge. At the meeting, the Committee members basically stated that some of the figures used in the feasibility study were in error and the result was a $1.8 million annual shortfall.  However, there is a bill in the state legislature (AB818) that would provide funding to "newly" incorporated cities which could offset this shortfall.  This bill is currently suspended in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.   ILGC is discarding the petitions (they won't meet the deadline for signatures), and, therefore, the process, at this time,  but it will watch AB818 closely.  If it get out of "suspense" and passes, ILGC may resurrect the process (but will have to start over). The good news - Twelve similar bills have failed since 2012.   For more details, see John Kirby's report  on the Editorials-Observations page of this website.

June 13th, ILG has posted comments inferring it is slowing down the process and is now seeking to have the matter on the Nov 2021 ballot instead of Nov 2020.  No true evidence of this slow down/suspension has been seen. Opponents to incorporation are maintaining their efforts to educate the public on what is really at stake.

ILG is currently circulating the Petition to Incorporate in the community.

June 8th, it has been discovered that ILG is misrepresenting the purpose of the  Petition when seeking signatures; claiming it is only to ask for more information.

If someone signed the Petition but now has collected more information and wishes they had NOT signed,  or changed their minds for any reason, they can request a formal WITHDRAWAL of their signature from the petition but filling out and turning in a Withdrawal form. This document is listed below in both pdf and jpeg form or easy download.

Feel free to print and distribute as appropriate.

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On May 5th, ILG released  an email call to arms to gather signatures for the Petition. There is a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 8th, at  7 pm at Leisure Shores, 24658 San Moritz Drive on Lake Gregory.   The Agenda includes an update and ideas on how to gather signatures. Those opposed can attend and learn what ILG is planning to do. Example: ILG is proposing to secure signatures via presence out front of the Post Office on weekends (Friday and Saturdays), going door-to-door in neighborhoods and having booths at local events (Health Fair, Corks & Hops, Nutrition site etc.).  Those opposed can make their presence and position known and learn what ILG has planned as next steps.

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On April 22, 2019, Incorporate Lake Gregory filed a Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition.

What this means:  from LAFCO procedures -

Incorporation can be initiated in one of three ways--by resolution of a public agency, by petition of registered voters or by petition of landowners. A notice of the proponents’ intent to circulate a petition must be filed with LAFCO before starting and there are strict, legal time limits for gathering signatures. Proponents and LAFCO should use the “Notice of Intent” filing as an opportunity to review the petition and schedule to ensure legal conformance. 

What you need to know: This is the first “official” action related to the incorporation process. Copies of the filing and Petition are below. ILG has chosen to circulate a Petition of Registered Voters. Anyone registered to vote in the area proposed for incorporation (see map) may sign the petition. Voter registration is the only requirement; property ownership or residency are irrelevant. LAFCO has estimated there are approximately 6,295 voters in the proposed boundaries. 25% of the registered voters is required to move the process on to the next step – 1,574 signatures. 

If you oppose incorporation DO NOT SIGN THE PETITION. There have been reports of statements being made by ILD proponents which solicit signing the petition " if you want to see if it is feasible," "if you want to learn more" and so on.  THIS IS NOT TRUE. By signing the petition, you are requesting LAFCO conduct proceedings on the proposal for incorporation - meaning initiate the incorporation process.

What's Next: ILG has about six months to collect the signatures. Once ILG believes it has the required number of signatures, it will submit the petition to LAFCO, along with the required filing fees and deposits (approximately $75,000.00)

From LAFCO: Once enough signatures are collected, the petitions are submitted to LAFCO and must be verified by the appropriate agency. 

Once the petitions are verified, proponents must prepare a LAFCO application. The application must include:

• A map and legal description of the boundaries of the proposed incorporation area;

• Justification for the proposal;

• A plan for the transfer/provision of

public services; and

• Other information as requested by LAFCO.


signed already? to withdraw your signature see form below!

Form to Withdraw Your Signature from Petition (jpg)


Form to Withdraw Your Signature from Petition (pdf)